Artificial Silk Funeral Wreaths

Artificial Funeral Designs

As well as Fresh Flower Funeral Wreaths, we also have a range of Silk Artificial Funeral Wreaths. Our Catalogue below shows a large selection of our range, if you would like to order a special design please call us on 051 641664.

GAA Tribute Wreaths

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photo 1 photo 2 photo 3








sm waterford posy sm tipp posy sm kilkenny posy



Local Carrick-on-Suir Tributes

photo 2 photo 1









Musical Tribute Wreaths

harp croppedacc

instru cropped







Horse Racing Tribute Wreaths

horsesm horse shoe









Baby Tribute Wreaths

angel cropped pink ted cropped baby posies cropped









Football Tribute Wreaths

footballman u

football wreath cropped






Irish Tribute Wreaths

harp cropped

guin cropped

beer cropped








sham sm horse shoe2









Fishing Tributes Wreaths

anc cropped









swan duck









Vehicle Tributes Wreaths

tractor cropped

motor cropped







Ladies Tributes

photo 1 photo 2

 photo (16)






Letter Tributes Wreaths (3 Letter – 8 Letters)

dad cropped






Other Tribute Wreaths

gates of heaven cropped

photo 2cross cropped










hrtphoto (16) photo 1